About Us

Hi folks! Our names are Chris and Brenda Priebe. Welcome to Audrey’s Pumpkin & Gourmet Cake Rolls website. We’re so grateful you stopped by to learn more about our family business. You can see us above surrounded by our SIX grandkids!

Heres a little backstory of how we got started in the bakery business. 
Audrey’s Pumpkin Rolls was established in 1992 by Chris and Brenda Priebe as a vendor for a local festival. Each year people couldn’t get enough of the rolls and in 2005, the name was officially changed to Audrey’s Pumpkin & Gourmet Cake Rolls in order to promote the additional flavors that were introduced.

Audrey’s is still a family owned and operated business located in Montgomery County, Indiana. Each roll is hand-rolled in The Warehouse Bakery located in Crawfordsville, IN. The Warehouse Bakery is the exclusive maker of the Audrey’s Cake Roll Recipe. To learn about all the other goodies available at the Warehouse Bakery click here

As Chris and Brenda’s family grew so did the Cake Roll Business! Over the past twenty years, fundraisers and farmer’s markets have had Audrey’s Cake Rolls flying off the shelves in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. We are so grateful for our community members, both near and far, for continuously supporting Audrey’s over the years. Checkout our current list of flavors;  Pumpkin, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate, White Raspberry, Lemon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon, Carrot, and Red Velvet Gourmet Cake Rolls.

Our Fundraising Story with Coats for Kids

Greetings from Chris & Brenda Priebe!

Our Coats for Kids fundraiser started many years ago while we were selling Audrey’s Pumpkin Rolls at festivals all over Indiana. We set an “Audrey’s Coats for Kids” tip jar at our retail window, the people were amazing, hundreds of dollars have been collected over the years.

At the end of the year, we would make an annual trip with our grandkids, looking for deals, picking out coats and distributing wherever there was a need. So, as the years went by, we slowly moved from doing festivals, blessed with more grandchildren, and concentrated on our fundraising business. We wanted to continue the “Audrey’s Coats for Kids” tradition. To make that a possibility this year we redesigned our website to include online fundraising ordering and
launched our first online fundraiser, you guessed it, “Audrey’s Coats for Kids.”

If you would like to support “Audrey’s Coats for Kids” simply go the fundraising page, select “Audrey’s Coats for Kids” button, order your rolls, pay with your card and we’ll have your rolls ready for pick up at our bakery any time after Sept 1, 2020.